Nimble Assets


Nimble connects AI agent creators, compute and data on one single platform. Everyone can create, own and trade such AI agents being represented as Nimble AI assets. The entire AI agent building, asset creation and trading workflow is permissionless.

Nimble assets are AI focused assets very different from Nimble network governance tokens. Such assets can be created by any AI agent creators.

Asset Creation

AI agents trained and served on the network are mapped to assets. Asset creations are permissionless and such assets represent ownerships. They are tradable by community members. Being staked, asset owners earn fees from API calls and training of such AI agents.

The capital earnings of asset trading are used to purchase the computing power and other resources through the AI notebook for large AI agent building.

Nimble network charge a percentage fee for such AI asset creation, trading and resource matching. The fees are dynamic as governed by the AI orderbook.

Asset Trading

Aggregating all AI agent creations on Nimble network provides better and unified user experiences for creators. Yet, asset trading happens multi-chain by bridging the AI assets through different cross-chain bridges. A set of smart contracts are deployed multi-chain to facilitate such operations.

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