🛣️Nimble Roadmap

We aim to swiftly deploy a protocol facilitating miners and developers to build enterprise-grade AI products through composability. With aggressive timelines and execution plans, we have multiple roadmap phases.

2024Q1 - Nimble Mainnet Alpha

First, our mainnet alpha launch happens in Q1 2024, allowing miners to contribute to the network and developers to leverage composability.

It offers early community members to mine early and earn more via GPU, data and model contributions.

2024Q2 - AI Orderbook Upgrade

The second phase is focused on Network Growth with AI orderbook upgrades. This involves expanding GPUs, data providers and AI agents on the network.

It supports developers building on Nimble to expand our ecosystem further by providing a) notebook AI training tooling, and b) AI orderbook upgrades for easier model development on the network.

2024Q3 - Nimble AI Assets

Nimble Network will be ready for network token exchange listing. Network AI assets are tradeable on chains such as BNB chain etc.

Anyone can create models on the network, being represented as AI assets. The model ownerships are thus being decentralized.

2024Q4 - Fully Fledged Ecosystem

By end of 2024, Nimble will have a fully fledged AI ecosystem. The team will continuously develop the network with incremental development and launches. Product features and improvements are community driven.

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