Login Developer Environment

Testing Your Connection

Currently, access to our development environment is by invitation only. Here, you will be required to input your wallet details and the invitation code provided to you:

  • Wallet Address

  • Passphase

  • Invitation Code

Upon successful entry of your details, you will be popped up with an example notebook interface to launch. This notebook will display examples of trained models, along with several prompts for you to test. Execute these prompts by hitting enter and running the commands. If images at the end render successfully, your setup is functioning correctly.

Resource Awareness

The primary purpose of this environment is for testing and development. Please be considerate in your use of resources. Remember, you are sharing GPU and computational resources with other developers. The default GPU model provided is the RTX 4090, and note that sessions will automatically time out after a period of inactivity.

Begin Small

Once connected to the developer environment, we encourage you to start with smaller models and datasets that will comfortably fit within the constraints of the assigned GPU. This approach helps ensure that you can develop efficiently without overwhelming the resources and allows for incremental scaling as your models progress.

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