Ensuring smooth operation of your mining software involves automatic processes and manual interventions when necessary. Here's how you can handle typical issues that might arise during mining:

Reconnection Handling

  • Automatic Reconnection: The miner software is designed to automatically reconnect if any disconnections occur. This ensures minimal interruption in your mining activities.

Client Updates

  • Automatic Updates: Your miner software will update itself automatically after the current mining run completes. This is to ensure that you always operate with the latest features and fixes.

  • Manual Update Procedure:

    • If the automatic update fails, you may need to update the software manually. First, terminate the ongoing training process.

    • Run the following commands in your terminal:

      git pull
      make install

Common Errors and Solutions

Encountering errors is a part of any technical process. Below are some common errors you might face and the recommended solutions:

  1. [SSL Error]:

    • Cause: This error typically indicates a problem with the VPN or network, such as slow speeds or a complete outage.

    • Solution: Check your network or VPN settings, and ensure a stable and fast upload is available.

  2. [Failed to Init Particle Error]:

    • Cause: This may occur if the Nimble network is down or you are experiencing rate limiting.

    • Solution: Wait for a while before retrying, to see if the issue resolves itself as network conditions improve. Otherwise jump in discord channel and check announcements.

  3. [Pydantic Error]:

    • Cause: This error suggests that your client version is outdated.

    • Solution: Update your client software manually using the commands provided in the Client Updates section above.

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