On Mac

Install Golang

  • Download and install Golang (v1.22 or higher)

  • Open a terminal window

  • Execute the following commands

    1. mkdir ~/go

    2. export GOPATH=$HOME/go

    3. export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin:$GOPATH/bin

    4. go version

It should display the go version, ex. goX.X.X darwin/amd64

Create Wallet

Note: Git is required for the remaining setup steps.

  • Open a terminal

  • Execute the following commands to download wallet CLI

    • mkdir $HOME/nimble && cd $HOME/nimble

    • git clone https://github.com/nimble-technology/wallet-public.git

    • cd wallet-public

    • make install

  • Locate this executable command and confirm it exists

    • nimble-networkd

  • Execute the following command to create your wallet. Give your wallet a name, such as 'ilovenimble'.

    • nimble-networkd keys add ilovenimble

    • (Type your passphrase)

    • (Save the seed phrase somewhere safe)

The β€œaddress: nimblexxxx” output means your Nimble Network wallet address was created successfully!

Congrats 😘

You are now mining NIM!

For assistance, find us in our Discord server - https://discord.gg/nimble

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