To create an open and collaborative AI creator economy, Nimble is building an open AI Network. This network supports the entire machine learning workflow, from AI training to fine-tuning and inference. Nimbleโ€™s technical architecture is designed to:

Nimble Chain: AI-centric App Chain built on Cosmos SDK

Nimble Chain is the core foundation of Nimble built on Cosmos SDK, consisting of an execution layer of AI computation and a consensus layer of validating and recording the transactions to the chain. All AI activities are immutably recorded on the Nimble Chain.

AI Computation

Miners are responsible for executing AI tasks. To ensure the performance of miners, a Staking mechanism and a Reputation System will be introduced. AI tasks will be distributed to Miners based on their stake and reputation.

Evaluators are responsible for regularly checking the performance of Minersโ€™ work.


Nimble relies on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol based on Tendermint Core to achieve consensus. Nimble validators process transactions and settle state changes on the network. Validators are selected to produce blocks according to their total stake (self-staked plus delegated Nimble Token). Validators are responsible for validating the AI computation results and record on the Nimble Chain.


Nimble Chain will enable interoperability with multiple chains. Dapps from multiple chain ecosystems can easily integrate the AI solutions from Nimble into their product.

Nimble Core: Your one-stop shop for AI development

Nimble introduces three core functionalities to unlock an efficient and scalable AI development:

  • AI Notebook: An all-in-one developer platform that provides Web2-like development experience

  • AI OrderBook: An efficient orchestration engine that optimizes machine learning workflow with the most optimal GPU and data

  • AI Agent Hub: An open and collaborative hub providing diverse AI agents for Web2 and Web3 application use cases

Nimble Economics

Token Utility

Nimble Token, the native token of Nimble Network, forms the core of the economic incentives within the Nimble Network and provides a wide range of utilities:

  • Universal Payment: the primary medium of exchange within Nimble Network.

  • Network Security: Safeguard for both AI computation and network security

  • Contributor Incentives: Miners, data providers, and users are incentivized to contribute their computing power, data and user feedback

  • Governance: Right to propose and vote on proposals to improve the network and manage critical parameters


Staking plays a crucial role in Nimble Network.

First, it ensures the trustworthiness of AI computation and network security through a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) mechanism. Both Miners and Validators need to stake a minimum capital to participate in AI computation and transaction validation.

Also, users can stake to get early access on AI agent within Nimble ecosystem.

In addition to support token staking, a common feature across many chains, Nimbleโ€™s unique ecosystem also allows for the staking of models and data in the future. Owners can earn Nimble tokens by sharing their models and data.

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